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The success of your business depends on your connections– to the cloud, to your data, to customers, to the world. 5NINES makes it easy for you to connect to and between all of them.

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Internet Reality: Internet is Shared

Your Internet performance depends on who you are sharing it with. The speed advertised by most Internet Service Providers (ISP) is a “theoretical” peak speed and only possible if you are the only one using the Internet from your ISP, which today is extremely unlikely. In the end, you may be paying for a theory.

5NINES Reality: Engineered ISP

It is very difficult to determine in advance what your precise Internet access speed will be, there are just too many variables, but one thing is absolutely certain: you will never enjoy the theoretical peak speed. That is why at 5NINES we don’t advertise THEORETICAL speeds. We advertise ACTUAL speeds, which is a speed that you are likely to enjoy when you are our customer. We “engineer” our ISP so that the actual speeds are obtainable and desirable. We do this by engineering the whole link, so that advertised speeds match experienced speeds, and you pay for reality.


What is 5NINES Engineered ISP?


Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a lot to do with your overall Internet Experience. This is an important decision that will affect your working, studying, and entertainment. 5NINES has differentiated themselves from other ISPs by becoming an “Engineered ISP.” What does that mean?

First, let’s look at the non-Engineered ISP. These providers buy a big pipe to the Internet, and then, they try to resell it to as many subscribers as possible. Usually selling way more access than they can deliver. The more subscribers they have, the more money they will make, and the more likely their customers will have poor network response. The amount of overpacking is called “over-subscription rate.” ISP over-subscription rates are often in range of 25:1 or 50:1 or even 100:1, which means the ISP is selling 100 times more access bandwidth than they are purchasing in uplink bandwidth.

5NINES offers an Engineered ISP service with a well understood oversubscription rate. If the amount of subscriber bandwidth sold exceeds a certain amount, 5NINES will augment its uplink bandwidth. This along with our Bandwidth and Congestion Management is our “5NINES Engineered ISP”.

What does it mean for you?

Divergence of various sources of power and networking that are physically and structurally remote from each other.

Symmetrical uplink and downlink speeds are ideal for working from home, studying or conducting business.

Network redundancy by eliminating all single points of failure which makes failovers automatic and almost undetectable by subscribers.

Resilient network design enables a quick recovery from the complete failure of a core device or the catastrophic event (e.g. fire or explosion).

Guaranteed high-performance Internet that includes latency, jitter, loss and capacity as well as network security, and superior services from local experts.



5NINES 4g WiFi

5NINES is now partnering with local businesses, non-profits and community centers to offer free high-speed wireless internet access to their guests and customers.



Business Internet

The success of your business depends on your connections- to the cloud, to your data, to the world. 5NINES makes it possible for your business to connect to and between them all.



Data Center Services

Create your own Cloud environment. 5NINES Data Center offers colocation, hosting, network services, data backup and disaster recovery, storage and managed services/monitoring.


Residential Internet

Tenants can sign-up, upgrade and modify their 5NINES internet needs directly through a custom site created just for your property. Our reliable service keeps residential internet hassle free.

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