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The success of your business and personal life depends on your connections– to the cloud, to your data, to the world. 5NINES makes it possible for you to connect to and between all of them. We offer both traditional fiber and microwave internet options for businesses and multi-tenant residential buildings. 

why your business needs second internet connection

An unplanned outage costs the business on average $5,600 per minute. Businesses today rely on cloud-based systems to process payments, communicate with customers and automate operations. Diversifying your internet providers and having a secondary internet connection will allow you to be always productive and available to your clients. 

how is 5nines internet different?

At 5NINES we engineer our ISP that delivers highest AVAILABILITY and lowest LATENCY all day long! Having 5NINES redundant internet connection will keep your business always connected!

Business Performance Internet

5NINES offers different plans for different usage needs. Whether you just want to check email, download files or have stable connection during a video conference, we’ve got you covered. You can always upgrade your plan based on your personal needs or needs of your clients. Even if you have an internet connection for your business, call us to talk about our high availability multiply network provider services!

Multi-tenant internet

5NINES offers multi-tenant building owners and property managers a reliable high-speed Internet with online subscription and account management system. Make your residential building more desirable by including Internet service in your amenities. Find more on our packages, discounts and current offers by clicking on the button below.


Guaranteed high performance Internet
Connection to 20+ regional and national network providers

Crystal-clear video conferencing

Commercial-grade wireless internet

Symmetrical upload & download speeds up to 1Gbps
Local live customer support
  • Guaranteed high performance Internet
  • Crystal-clear video conferencing
  • Symmetrical upload & download speeds up to 1Gbps
  • Connection to 20+ regional and national network providers
  • Commercial-grade wireless internet
  • Local live customer support

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