Multi-Tenant Internet

We’ll manage your property’s internet, so you can manage your residential property

Today, having fast, reliable internet at home is crucial to staying connected to data, the cloud, virtual assistants, friends, family and the world. If you are a building owner or property manager you know internet service is a top priority for your residents. Offer them  exceptional internet with an easy system for them to subscribe, upgrade and use the second they move in. Best of all, we handle everything for you.

Internet as an Amenity

Reliable internet service isn’t just a perk it’s a necessity and residents want to be connected as soon as they get their keys. Make your residential building more desirable by offering a base internet plan as a service that is included in rent or condo amenities. Our flexible service allows you to offer up a base speed of your choice, with the option for tenants to upgrade whenever they’d like. To sweeten the deal, we typically provide each new resident with a complementary month of 100 Mbps.

What to Expect

We need to perform a site survey to determine if we can deliver service. We need access to the roof, data closets, and paths between floors.

There are multiple ways to deliver service, but the most common is wirelessly.

We have several Points Of Presence (POP) in Madison. We install a radio and antenna on your roof, then aim it to one of these POPs that we have Line-Of-Sight to. Here are some examples of past installations, including wiring within your data closets.

Let’s Talk Money

Competitive pricing makes using the 5NINES internet service a “no-brainer.” Dependent on your agreement with us, you also have the opportunity to take a 10% cut of the profits from your residential building.

Don’t let the big guys fool you with speed promises. It’s really all about the quality!


Other providers’ connection speeds dip during peak usage times. With 5NINES’ Symmetrical Up/Down speeds, you never have to worry about slowing connections. Our internet service is consistent all day, everyday.


How is 5NINES Different?

  • Guaranteed high performance Internet
  • Symmetrical high-speed Internet – up to 1Gbps
  • Flexible pricing packages
  • 24/7 monitoring of network
  • Great customer service by local staff
  • Locally owned company that cares about
    their customers

Residential Internet for Multi-Tenant Properties is a great way to keep your buildings full with happy dwellers!


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